Help Nepal  – Earthquake 2015

Grassroots Collaboration – Nepal Earthquake – Gorkha, Ghyampesol (1/4)

Jordan Urbanovich via All Over: Perception-Travel

Time for the “real” videos. This and the next three I’ll be posting in the next few days are something like a proud work of art from my last two weeks in Nepal. This is an inside look at not only the damage done to the small villages, but also the tourists teaming up to help out the rural villages of Nepal affected by the first quake. Simon CarriereBaba JayBrian FordAlina BrugalSantosh Bhatta and Ignacio Viajero all show their faces in this episode, and Brandon Bodhis Sunweaver music will help bring tears to your eyes. PRCPTION Travel’s intention is to cover the smiles in the world, not the terror and the fear, so I hope this will offer you a new perspective on the earthquake(s) in Nepal: these resilient, beautiful people continue to smile and continue to perservere these hardships, even dealing with us white tourists with cameras coming through their land as they try to clean up and try to survive. If you appreciated this video perspective, I’d really appreciate any sharing and subscribing you could do to get the word out on this project. Cheers and namaste.

A team of 6 local foreigners raise roughly $8000USD overnight using online crowdfunding. They buy medicines, tarps, tents, food, and supplies to put in their rented jeeps. Local Nepali pharmacies double up on the medicines they buy, and certain business’ contribute their own resources to aid the effort. Hitting the road, they arrive in the disaster-struck village of Ghyampesol by nightfall, where the people sleep outside.