Help Nepal  – Earthquake 2015


Our Relief Effort is helping the most devastating villager…


Our Team

This is where we stayed for 1 week distributing food, medicines, bedding and blankets to 25 villages in this area 3 days after the quake. We transported children with broken bones and others to the hospital on terribly muddy roads. The mother and baby received new blanket and bedding from us the moment we arrived, the day after he was born, they were the first to receive something from our Kind distribution team. This village calls us everyday. I am sad to say there are 1000s villages that are in same or in worse condition, some have yet to receive aid. Our team is going on to villages that have not received any aid to this date. Monsoon is almost here and landslides will come, the ground trembles everyday. Our heart goes out to those wonderful people we met in Ghampesal and surrounding villages.