Help Nepal  – Earthquake 2015

About Me

Hi, my name is Simon Carriere from Halifax NS Canada.

I have been living in Nepal for the past 6 months, working as a social entrepreneur. Saturday 25 April at approximately 11:55, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook the country, followed by a strong aftershock 6.7 magnitude on Sunday 5:00 am and over 43 shakes as of now. A hundred kilometres away from my location is the epicentre, in the district of Gorka, Nepal.

My Nepalese friends and I raised money to go out with jeeps and give provisions to the flattened villages of the district. I have many friends whose entire houses have been flattened and are left with nothing. We strongly believe the situation is worse than what is currently apparent.

I started a website called and 72 hours after our team was in the epicentre of the quakes as first responders delivering immediate medical attention, distribution of food and temporary community shelter for 1 week.

Since then multiple mission have been taken around Nepal, in some of the districts where 95% of structures are down. Our long term plan is to work with families to rehabilitate them, in order to empower them all the way to sending their kids back to school.

I want to leave you with this message : Dont Forget, the world media has stopped talking about it but the pain and devastation is still very much present and will be for years to come. Its only been a month and the public eye is already barely present.

Please Help the people of Nepal by donating to every little bit helps!

We need everyone’s help.

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